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Empowers the voice of under-represented peoples and communities


Our vision is an open, peaceful and prosperous society


Kashmir Development Foundation exists to empower the voices of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and Kashmiri Diaspora in Pakistan, UK, Europe and elsewhere by working with the people to prevent or relieve poverty and inequality; supporting peacebuilding and community development initiatives and partnerships to improve peoples’ quality of life, education, socio-economic status, Health and wellbeing; and delivering training, engagement, research and enterprise solutions for all sectors.

KDF Principles and values:

KDF seeks to underpin its work with key principles and values which guide the organisation’s strategic business plan and service delivery, and support KDF in achieving long term vision.

  • Selflessness - We put our community first at all times.
  • Integrity - We are committed to the highest levels of transparency and accountability to our members, our partners, our funders and stakeholders.
  • Openness - We strive to continuously improve our services focusing on quality by valuing feedback and encouraging self-development and learning among our staff, volunteers and the Board.
  • Leadership - We are committed to leading by example, providing and developing high quality leadership.
  • Innovation - We are innovative and flexible in adopting new ways of working to deliver our programmes and services and open to change through a position of financial strength
  • Partnership - We value team work and support partnerships in achieving our aims. We compete and collaborate for excellence.
  • Accountability - We continuously monitor and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of our work. KDF aspires to achieve ‘hallmarks’ of an effective voluntary organisation in all its projects, activities and management.
  • Equality - We are accessible and responsive to all those seeking our support and demonstrate our fundamental commitment to equality and human rights.
  • Diversity - We value and respect ethnic, cultural, regional and national diversity and recognise diverse differences and strengths within communities, and foster good relations.

About us

Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) is one of the indigenous Kashmiri development 

organisation working for community development and empowering the voices of the underrepresented people and communities.

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Amis and Objective

To work for development of human resources, poverty alleviation, 

promotion of social and economic wellbeing of the masses, betterment of health, improvement of social status, social mobilization for prosperous society, elimination of gender discrimination and pollution free environment particularly in the rural areas.

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