Public Policy Advocacy

Empowering the voice of Kashmiri people


KDF engage strategically with local and national institutions in diverse sectors.  We provide assistance and insight in situation analysis, and in the design, development and delivery of effective community projects and services.


We work in partnership with civil society organisations;


  1. To empower the voice of under-represented people and communities
  2. To influence public policy and service delivery and,
  3. To help in advancing equality, social mobility, and fostering good relations


Our key partners in public policy advocacy are;


  1. Gilgit Baltistan Policy Institute
  2. Conciliation Resources
  3. Institute of Peace Studies Justice and Interfaith

Community Development

We are one of the first local NGOs that set up relief camps in Muzaffarabad after the Kashmir Earthquake on 08 October 2005. We facilitated national and international NGOs in the delivery of a range of relief and rehabilitation projects in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Poonch.