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Empowers the voice of under-represented peoples and communities

Peace and Development

The prolonged conflict and dispute over the national status of Jammu and Kashmir continue to;

  1. Adversely affect social mobility,
  2. Put at risk right to life, liberty and security of persons, and peace and development in all regions of the former state of Jammu and Kashmir

The Kashmiri diaspora community having ethnic origin and cultural heritage in Jammu and Kashmir have strong social, cultural, religious and family links, and property and business interests.

We are proactively engage in removing barriers in transforming conflict and campaigning for a more productive Indo-Pak peace process over Kashmir, inclusive of Kashmiri voices from all the regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

We are actively seeking partnership with international civil society organisations and institutions to help KDF in building our capacity to meaningfully engage in peacebuilding and sustainable development initiatives in Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir National Day

The enduring desire to achieve freedom, social justice,

peace and a democratic system of governance in Jammu and Kashmir is renewed annually through “Kashmir National Day” on 24th October by Kashmiris all across the globe.

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